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Members of the Z zombie monster class are undead creatures often found in graveyards or in the main dungeon. Zombies leave corpses that are already old, so they are unfit for sacrificing, and are likely to be tainted even if eaten immediately. You can tin a zombie's corpse to attempt to gain whatever intrinsic would normally be added by consuming a normal corpse of the same monster type.

Ghouls are also represented by Z, but are not technically zombies.

List of zombiesEdit

Kobold zombieEdit

These monsters are coveted by neutral protection racketeers because they provide a boost to alignment record with only minimal gain in experience. This is helpful to improve the outcome of Prayer without gaining unnecessary levels. This is true for lawful protection racketeers as well, though their options are so common that it's rarely an issue.

Gnome zombieEdit

Orc zombieEdit

Dwarf zombieEdit

Elf zombieEdit

Elf zombies leave old elf corpses. These may be tinned and then eaten for the sleep resistance intrinsic, which they have a 67% chance of giving. The high chance comes from the fact that the base level of the elf monster is considerably higher than other base race monsters.

Human zombieEdit

Zapping an aligned priest corpse with turn undead will instead produce a human zombie.

Ettin zombieEdit

Giant zombieEdit

Giant zombies leave rotten giant corpses. These may be tinned and then eaten for the strength gain.

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