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  1. Be a NetHack player
  2. Read the wiki editing tutorial
    • Optionally, practice editing in our sandbox
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  4. Read our style guide

That is all! Step 4 is important, as a consistent look and feel helps other readers use the wiki.

TODO listEdit

If you want something done and won't or can't do it yourself, try adding it to one of the following lists, or mark the relevant page with a {{todo}} notice.

General tasksEdit

Specific tasksEdit

  • There are still many ring/wand/potion/scroll/spellbook articles which are either non-existent or very short stubs. Expand them!
  • We have "best" solutions for sokoban (those leaving no boulders immobile); we should also have fastest solutions.
  • There are many special levels yet to be mapped, like in the Gazetteer.
  • The role articles need more structure and a lot more detail.
  • We (and, in fact, the net in general) have very few articles about SLASH'EM, though see the style guide on this.
  • We have no/stubby articles about past tournaments and winners.
  • We lack screenshots of NetHack running on exotic platforms.
  • There are many properties with no/stubby articles.

Automatable tasksEdit

If you're good with scripts, or just have a thing for mind-numbing repetitive chores, you can do something on this list:

Other wiki help Edit

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