Featured articles are those considered good enough to showcase on the Main Page.


Featured articles and Wikihack:Next versionEdit

The tags used with the project Wikihack:Next version occupy the same area to the right of the article title as the star that {{featured}} displays. This fact may lead to difficulty if an article, already tagged for Wikihack:Next version, later becomes featured. The version tags all support an "offset" parameter, so they can play nice with {{featured}} and with each other. For example (and an extreme one), Altar has these tags:


The results of the offset parameter are clearly visible at the top of Altar. The {{noversion}} tag also supports the offset parameter, because while it should never need to be used with the other version tags, it still has to play nice with {{featured}}.

So, to add a star to an article bearing version tags, you must add one to the offset of each version tag, to shift them all one spot to the left and leave position zero open for the star. If there is no offset parameter, then the offset is zero, and you must insert "|offset=1" into that template.


A featured article should:

  • be complete and comprehensive
  • contain no errors
  • have no red links

Since Wikihack is still young, few articles will meet these criteria. They are nevertheless what we should aim for over time.

List of featured articlesEdit

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