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Prevent all edits since the wiki is closed?

Since nethack.wikia.com has shut down, in favour of rallying around nethackwiki.com, is it possible to turn off edits on this wiki? I just spent a bunch of time making substantial edits to a page, and now I discover I'm going to have to migrate the changes to a different wiki (plus merging in whatever changes have happened over there.)

I see I'm not the only person falling into this trap - pages are still being edited by others.

If turning off edits can't be done, then should we think about deleting the content from nethack.wikia.com? We could do it systematically, page by page, making sure latest useful changes are captured in nethackwiki.com? I'm hereby volunteering to help with this, but only if people think it's a constructive step.

Thoughts welcome. I'm new here so tell me to shut up if necessary. Thanks.

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