* ??
Name whetstone
Appearance gray stone
Damage vs. small ??
Damage vs. large ??
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill sling
Size one-handed
Cost 45 zm
Weight 10
Material mineral

In SLASH'EM, a whetstone in combination with a source of water (fountain, sink, toilet or pool) can be used to to remove rust and negative enchantments (up to +0). This has a 33% chance of succeeding. Whetstones can be identified easily by attempting to apply it against any iron weapon. If it is a whestone, you will get the message, "You need some water when you use that."

If you try to apply it (using a source of water) to any other object rusted it will prompt you the message "You make scratch marks on the stone.", if you try to apply it to a kelp frond you will get instead "You see green streaks on the stone.".

When you are using a fountain as source of water it can happen what could normally happen as if you are drinking from it, if you have dried the fountain you will be given the message "You feel a sudden chill" and will stop sharpening your weapon.

When you finish sharpening your weapon if it was successfull you will get the message "Your weapon shines now.", if it was not successfull you will instead get "There are no visible effects despite your efforts."

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