)   Werebane   Silver saber
Base item silver saber
Damage vs. small 1d8 x2 +(1d20)
Damage vs. large 1d8 x2 +(1d20)
To-hit bonus +1d5
Bonus versus werecreatures
Weapon skill saber
Size one-handed
When carried


When wielded
When invoked


Cost 1500 zm
Weight 40
Material silver

Werebane is an artifact weapon that deals double damage to werecreatures in either human or animal form. It also protects against the lycanthropy effect of a werecreature's attacks. Since it is also a silver saber, it does an extra d20 damage against werecreatures as well (not doubled, though), making it somewhat more effective than most of the double damage weapons.

Werebane is not especially powerful in its own right, but receiving it as a sacrifice gift will unrestrict saber skill, which can be useful if you have already found Grayswandir sitting around in the dungeon. It also serves perfectly well as an ordinary silver saber.


In SLASH'EM, Werebane is a significantly better weapon. This is not primarily due to changes in the weapon, but because of the new features of werecreatures. SLASH'EM adds several new (and more powerful) werecreatures, and existing ones are harder to kill because of the changed nature of monster polymorph. Also, because SLASH'EM allows artifacts to be dual wielded in the off hand, it is an attractive second weapon. In addition, it has a 1/6 chance of canceling affected lycanthropes[1], as most of the other Banes do with their respective monsters.

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