Every item has a weight. Carry too much and you become burdened, stressed, strained, overtaxed or overloaded. If you are anything but unburdened, your movements become slower. Fighting while burdened is not advisable. The following table lists the weights of a few common items and a couple of monsters in order of their weight:

Item Weight
100 gold pieces 1
gem 1
ring 3
scroll 5
wand 7
luckstone 10
tripe ration 10
bugle 10
mirror 13
flail 15
empty bag 15
amulet 20
potion 20
food ration 20
unicorn horn 20
mace 30
dragon scale mail 40
long sword 40
spellbook 50
fauchard 60
pick-axe 100
plate mail 450
iron ball 480
loadstone 500
human 1450
dragon 4500
boulder 6000

Monsters have no specific weight while alive (they are instead classified by size), but their corpses do.

Using a bag of holding reduces the weight of the items it contains, unless it is cursed, which makes the items twice as heavy as they are. An uncursed bag of holding effectively reduces the weight of its contents by half and a blessed one by three quarters.

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