Name opening
Appearance random
Cost 150 zm
Weight 7
Type beam
Maximum charges 8

A wand of opening can be used to unlock doors and containers, escape engulfing monsters, and remove punishment. The effect is identical to that of the spell knock.

Effect (wand of opening and knock)Edit

Except where noted, a wand of opening will be identified if it had any effect and you can observe the effect (e.g., you can see the affected object).

On monstersEdit

  • Monster regurgitates the player if engulfing.[1]
  • Removes equipped saddle, if any, and drops it on the monster's square[2] (including if you zap downward while riding a steed[3]).

Regardless, if the zap strikes any monster, the monster does not necessarily get an immediate chance to attack the player, unlike with most spell strikes.[4] This will not identify a wand of opening.

On movable objectsEdit

Either of these effects will identify a wand of opening, even if the affected object cannot be seen.[7]

On youEdit

If you are punished, you will receive the message "Your chain quivers for a moment.", and the wand will be identified.[8]

On immovable objectsEdit

  • Reveals and unlocks hidden doors ("A door appears in the wall!"), and unlocks non-hidden doors ("The door unlocks!"). The door remains closed.[9]
  • Interrupts attempts to break down a door with a pickaxe or mattock, and repairs the door.[10]
  • If you zap up or down while on a closed portcullis (possible with phasing), it will open.[11]
  • If you zap down while on the quest level's down stairs before your leader permits you to go on the quest, you will receive the message "The stairs seem to ripple momentarily."[12] and the wand will be identified.
  • Opens drawbridges.[13]


Wands comprise 4% of all randomly-generated items in the main dungeon, 6% in containers, 5% on the Rogue level, and 8% in Gehennom. There is a 2.5% chance that a randomly-generated wand will be a wand of opening.

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