The Vernon Spoilers consist of a Monster Manual describing the monsters of NetHack 3.3.1. Some players still use it today. They are here.

Concerning monsters, the main difference between NetHack 3.3.1 and NetHack 3.4.0 is the replacement of the quest leader for the Wizard role. Thus the Vernon Spoilers contain an entry for the Wizard of Balance, while Ye Olde NetHack Bestiary contains an entry for Neferet the Green.

We are copying some parts of the Vernon Spoilers into Wikihack. Our own monster pages are the most detailed for some monsters, but other monsters are missing. The Vernon Spoilers help fill in the gaps. Wikihack pages derived from the Vernon Spoilers should have {{JAH}} upon them.

The best monster spoiler may be monst.c, the source from which all other monster spoilers spring.

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