Vampires are a class of monster represented by the overall symbol V, all of whom possess a characteristic life-draining bite. They will always be generated hostile and possess the abilities of flight and magical breathing. They are vulnerable to silver weapons.

The members of the vampire class are:

#chatting with vampires can give humorous messages.

Standing on an altar scares vampires as if you were standing on Elbereth or a scroll of scare monster[1]. Any altar will have this effect, including an altar to Moloch.

Players polymorphed into any V polymorph into vampire bats when the player polymorphs without polymorph control


The vampire, V, is the weakest example of this class of monsters.


Vampires are a playable race in SLASH'EM. They can fly and do not need to breathe, but they cannot eat solid food and have to rely on blood as their only food source. While the enemy blood has a very small nutritional value, the vampires have the advantage of being able to sacrifice even those corpses they have fed upon. They can also drain other humans as well as dogs and cats, without penalties. Enemy vampires are also often generated with opera cloaks. See Vampire (starting race).

Encyclopedia entry Edit

The Oxford English Dictionary is quite unequivocal:
_vampire_ - "a preternatural being of a malignant nature (in
the original and usual form of the belief, a reanimated
corpse), supposed to seek nourishment, or do harm, by sucking
the blood of sleeping persons. ..."

References Edit

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