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Kernigh at Wikihack[]


In Freenode #slashem at 6 or 7 October 2006:

<Kernigh> I found an uncursed bag of holding at Dlvl1!
<SLethe> Kernigh (Wiz Dro Mal Cha), 285 points, killed by a bat
<Kernigh> Oops...
<Gevalt> the RNG giveth...
<Gevalt> and then it beats you to a pulp
<Kernigh> I had my pet kill the bat, I did not expect a second bat.
<PhilDick> No one expects the second bat!!!

In Dudley's dungeon comments for 14 November 2006:

<Kernigh> The 'I' never moves, so it could work if Dudley knew of an invisible monster there. ... I would think better that this is actually a lit room filled with ghosts and shades, but that would have stopped the other monsters from having moved.
<Fathead> Dude, Kernigh, don't think so much.

Do I think too much when playing NetHack? Or only when reading the comic? Or not at all? I wonder at the answer.

My NetHack Code[]

NH 3.4.3 +Juiblex Kernigh-Wiz-Elf-Mal-Cha
    HP:167(167) Pw:246(246) AC:-11 L:20 T:73555
         [+ )++ i+ 2-- P S+ D- p $+ t+ s+ W E PS-- PP?
         !G C- I+ Ps-- @W? N !Y X So+ Sp+ !sb wb- +2


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