Unique monsters are monsters that are generally only generated once, the exception being the Wizard of Yendor.

List of unique monstersEdit

The following is at least a partial list of unique monsters:


SLASH'EM features the following new unique monsters:

  • Ruggo the Gnome King
  • The Rat King
  • Kroo the Kobold King
  • Grund the Orc King
  • Nightmare
  • Beholder
  • Vecna
  • Jumbo the Elephant
  • One-Eyed Sam, shopkeeper of the Black Market
  • Aphrodite
  • Girtab
  • Shelob
  • The Largest Giant
  • Pegasus
  • Doctor Frankenstein
  • Frankenstein's Monster
  • Deferred Lovecraftian unique monsters:
    • Father Dagon
    • Mother Hydra
    • Cthulhu (replaces the high priest of Moloch in SLethe)
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