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UnNetHack 3.5.3 is a variant of NetHack 3.4.3, maintained by Patric Mueller and others.

The main intent of this fork is to put more randomness, challenges and fun into NetHack.

It features more levels, several UI changes like automatically opened doors and the pickup thrown patch and a lot of game play related changes.[1]

There is a public server at

For discussion, join the IRC channel #unnethack on or post to

This is the start of a writeup similar to those for vanilla NetHack. It is a preliminary report and currently incomplete.

Significant changes Edit

UnNetHack incorporates a number of previously issued patches, among them the Heck² patch, menucolors, statuscolors, the dump patch with additional HTML output, the color alchemy patch and portions of the Lethe patch. It also has a few features of SLASH'EM, and fixes the Astral call bug among others. It also adds the town branch from nethack brass.

The Adventurer Edit

UnNetHack introduces no new roles but adds the vampire race from SLASH'EM as a playable race. Cavemen and Rangers, who in vanilla always start with a dog, can also start with a cat in UnNetHack.

Dungeon features Edit

UnNetHack adds to NetHack 3.4.3 several dungeon features, among them the Aphrodite level and the Black Market from SLASH'EM and various levels introduced by the Heck² patch. It also randomizes the order of the Elemental Planes.

Bestiary Edit

New monsters are mainly from SLASH'EM:

Snow antaSnow antSLASH'EMFreezing bite attack
AphroditenAphroditeSLASH'EMSteals, as a nymph
Anti-matter vortexvAntimatter vortexNetHack brassEngulfs and disintegrates
Gold dragonDYellow dragonNephiBreath weapon is fire
Baby gold dragonDBaby yellow dragonNephi 
Vorpal jabberwockJJabberwockLBeheads
DisintegratorRDisintegratorBiodiversity patchDisintegrates
Black marketeer@Black marketeerSLASH'EMOne-eyed Sam
Cthulhu@CthulhuLethe patchcasts spells, sucks brains, and confuses
Giant turtle:SporkHackblocks line-of-sight like a boulder

Objects Edit

Artifacts Edit

Other objects Edit

UnNetHack includes a few new objects:

  • An iron safe as a container.
  • A tinfoil hat that blocks clairvoyance and impedes spellcasting.
  • Rings of gain intelligence, wisdom, and dexterity from SLASH'EM.
  • Gold dragon scales and scale mail, acting as a permanent light source.
  • Potions of blood which have nutritional value for vampires.
  • Potions of vampire blood which polymorph the player into a vampire.

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