Tyr is the lawful god of the Valkyrie pantheon.

Encyclopedia entryEdit

Yet remains that one of the Aesir who is called Tyr:
he is most daring, and best in stoutness of heart, and he
has much authority over victory in battle; it is good for
men of valor to invoke him. It is a proverb, that he is
Tyr-valiant, who surpasses other men and does not waver.
He is wise, so that it is also said, that he that is wisest
is Tyr-prudent. This is one token of his daring: when the
Aesir enticed Fenris-Wolf to take upon him the fetter Gleipnir,
the wolf did not believe them, that they would loose him,
until they laid Tyr's hand into his mouth as a pledge. But
when the Aesir would not loose him, then he bit off the hand
at the place now called 'the wolf's joint;' and Tyr is one-
handed, and is not called a reconciler of men.

[ The Prose Edda, by Snorri Sturluson ]
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