) Trident
Name trident
Appearance trident
Damage vs. small 1d6+1
Damage vs. large 3d4
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill trident
Size one-handed
Cost 5 zm
Weight 25
Material iron

A trident is a kind of weapon. It has a special +4 to-hit bonus against swimming monsters that are in water. If the monster is not in water, there is still a +2 to-hit bonus if it is one of the snakes or the sea monsters.[1]

The trident averages 7.5 damage versus large monsters, one point more than a katana, making it the most damaging one-handed non-artifact weapon versus large monsters. Along with the silver saber, crysknife and katana, the trident is one of the best choices for twoweaponing.


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Average damage calculation

We assume the player has expert skill in long sword, which gives a +2 damage bonus. This is assumed despite the fact that no class can actually have expert skill (so as to be on a level playing field with other weapon tables). A blessed weapon deals 1d4 extra damage against demons and undead. The worst case scenario is against a small, non-undead, non-demon. The best case scenario is against a large undead/demon monster.

Weapon Against regular small monsters Against regular large monsters Worst case scenario Best case scenario
Blessed trident +0 $ \frac{1+6}{2}+1+2=\bold{6.5} $ $ \frac{3+12}{2}+2=\bold{9.5} $ $ \frac{1+6}{2}+1+2=\bold{6.5} $ $ \frac{3+12}{2}+\frac{1+4}{2}+2=\bold{12} $
Blessed trident +7 $ \frac{1+6}{2}+1+2+7=\bold{13.5} $ $ \frac{3+12}{2}+2+7=\bold{16.5} $ $ \frac{1+6}{2}+1+2+7=\bold{13.5} $ $ \frac{3+12}{2}+\frac{1+4}{2}+2+7=\bold{19} $
Blessed trident +9 $ \frac{1+6}{2}+1+2+9=\bold{15.5} $ $ \frac{3+12}{2}+2+9=\bold{18.5} $ $ \frac{1+6}{2}+1+2+9=\bold{15.5} $ $ \frac{3+12}{2}+\frac{1+4}{2}+2+9=\bold{21} $

Despite the inclusion in the above table, attempting to enchant a trident to +9 is generally a very bad idea, as they're quite rare.

Trident skill

Max Role

The trident is the only weapon to use the trident skill. There are no artifact tridents.


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