) Trident
Name trident
Appearance trident
Damage vs. small 1d6+1
Damage vs. large 3d4
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill trident
Size one-handed
Cost 5 zm
Weight 25
Material iron

A trident is a kind of weapon. It has a special +4 to-hit bonus against swimming monsters that are in water. If the monster is not in water, there is still a +2 to-hit bonus if it is one of the snakes or the sea monsters.[1]

The trident averages 7.5 damage versus large monsters, one point more than a katana, making it the most damaging one-handed weapon versus large monsters. Along with the silver saber, crysknife and katana, the trident is one of the best choices for twoweaponing.

Trident skill

Max Role

The trident is the only weapon to use the trident skill. There are no artifact tridents.


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