A treat is an item of food that can be used to train a pet to steal from shops. The best-known treat is the tripe ration for carnivorous pets including cats and dogs, but they also like meat created with the stone to flesh spell (meatballs are easiest to create and carry around, but meat rings, meat sticks and huge chunks of meat count as treats too). Herbivorous (i.e. vegan) pets such as horses are fond of apples and carrots.

Omnivorous pets (most humanoid monsters are omnivorous) like everything which carnivores and herbivores like. Bananas are treats for monkeys, apes and anything represented by a Y. Metallivores (rock moles, rust monsters and xorns) regard non-rustproofed iron as a treat.

Note: Only domestic animals can be tamed by throwing them food - for example, a unicorn will not like it if you throw it an apple. Also, it is not necessary to use treats to tame domestic animals. Anything that they can eat will do, except for eggs which will go splat. For example, dogs can be tamed with food rations, pancakes or royal jelly, and horses can be tamed with melons, garlic or vegan corpses.

List of treats Edit

Carnivore or omnivore Edit

Herbivore or omnivore Edit

Apelike creature Edit

Ghoul Edit

  • old corpses

Metallivore Edit

  • any non-rustproof iron object
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