( Horn
Name tooled horn
Appearance horn
Cost 15 zm
Weight 18

A tooled horn is a tonal musical instrument, and the only non-magical horn. It can be used to play the passtune to enter the castle. Improvising with it will awaken (and possibly scare) nearby monsters – including pets – and will abuse your wisdom.[1] Monsters are affected if their distance to you is at most 5.48 times the root of your level; they have the usual resistance roll against the scare effect.

BUC status has no effect.

The tooled horn is a valuable item for pacifist players, as it can cause monsters that have engulfed you to spit you out. It will also scare monsters that do not respect Elbereth and unfreeze pets that have attacked a floating eye.

Message Reason
"You produce a frightful, grave sound." You successfully improvised with the horn.
"You extract a strange sound from the horn!" You successfully played a tune on the horn.
"What you produce is quite far from music..." You attempted to use the horn while confused.
"You can't play music underwater!" You attempted to use the horn underwater.

References Edit

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