Toilets are a SLASH'EM specific feature that allows the player to cure sickness, stunning and confusion, reduce nutrition, and poison weapons.


Praying while on a toilet square gives the message "You pray to the porcelain God." If you are sick, stunned, or confused "He smiles upon you." and you are cured. Otherwise "He ignores your pleas." Praying on toilet will have no effect on your deity, and vice versa.


Sitting on a toilet cures your sickness if you are sick, and makes you less satiated by 200-599 nutrition points if you are satiated. Otherwise, "You don't have to go.", and there is no effect.


Dogs like to drink from toilets, so if you try drinking from a toilet while polymorphed into a dog, there is a 4/5 chance of finding the toilet water quite refreshing and gaining 10 points of nutrition. Otherwise, these are the possible effects:

   * 1/9 chances of breaking the toilet
   * 1/9 chances of a sewer rat (if they're not extinct or genocided)
   * 1/9 chances of a brown pudding (if they're not extinct or genocided)
   * 1/9 chances of a baby crocodile (if they're not extinct or genocided)
   * 5/9 chances of vomiting and losing some nutrition. 


Dipping objects into a toilet has the regular effects of dipping objects into water, poisons weapons and rots food. Dipping diluted potions remove its blessed or cursed status before turning it into water.

Breaking a toiletEdit

Kicking the toilet has 1/4 chances of breaking it. Breaking a toilet by any means turns it into a fountain and has a chance of summoning 2-6 baby crocodiles.


Toilets in Slash'EM [1]

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