The titan is a monster in NetHack. It is infamous for its guaranteed appearance on one of two variants of Medusa's level and can be difficult for a player at that stage of the game to defeat due to its tendency to summon large swarms of monsters. They are also one of two significant obstacles on the average dig for victory (the other being minotaurs).

Titans are generally peaceful for Lawful characters, although this is not guaranteed. They will always be hostile for neutral and chaotic characters.

They can throw boulders (and have a 50% chance to start with one).


The greatest threat titans pose is the ability to summon monster swarms so be prepared for any nasty to spawn. Note that titans cannot be genocided, so don't even try it if you're in trouble. They can, however, be genocided in SLASH'EM. Titans do respect Elbereth, which can be a lifesaver. It will not, however, stop them from continuing to summon nasties, including the Elbereth-ignoring minotaurs, Elvenkings, and couatls. One can also try taming them, although getting a charm monster spell past their MR 70 can be difficult.

Encyclopedia entry[]

Gaea, mother earth, arose from the Chaos and gave birth to
Uranus, heaven, who became her consort. Uranus hated all
their children, because he feared they might challenge his
own authority. Those children, the Titans, the Gigantes,
and the Cyclops, were banished to the nether world. Their
enraged mother eventually released the youngest titan,
Chronos (time), and encouraged him to castrate his father and
rule in his place. Later, he too was challenged by his own
son, Zeus, and he and his fellow titans were ousted from
Mount Olympus.

[ Greek Mythology, by Richard Patrick ]