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Some monsters have a theft attack. These include nymphs and monkeys, who steal items, and leprechauns, who steal money. In addition, some major demons, high level liches, and the Wizard of Yendor will try to steal the Amulet of Yendor. The Wizard also desires your own quest artifact and the invocation items. For completeness sake, your quest nemesis and Vlad the Impaler occasionally steal back the items they were guarding.

You can steal items by attacking a monster of the opposite gender as a foocubus. In addition, striking weaponless as a nymph will attempt to steal from your target, but will not make it hostile. (Both types of monsters will similarily try to steal items if they melee other monsters.)

Strangely, magic cancellation does not protect against stealing attacks.


Earlier in the game, when you encounter nymphs and leprechauns, it is often a viable strategy to stay away from them, as they are generated asleep. You can easily kill them with ranged attacks or let a pet do the work. Give them individual names so you know which monster to chase in case they manage to steal something.

The high level covetous monsters are quite a different lot. Most strategies how to deal with liches generalize quite well. The Wizard should get priority treatment.


SLASH'EM adds a few more stealing monsters, e. g. gnome thieves and muggers. Additionally, there is the #borrow extended command.

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