)   The Staff of Aesculapius   Quarterstaff.png
Base item quarterstaff
Damage vs. small 1d6 x2 +1d8
Damage vs. large 1d6 x2 +1d8
To-hit bonus +0
Bonus versus not drain resistant
Weapon skill quarterstaff
Size two-handed
When carried


When wielded
When invoked
Cost 5000 zm
Weight 40
Material wood

The Staff of Aesculapius is the healer quest artifact. It is neutral for wishing purposes. Its base item type is a quarterstaff.

It deals double damage to all monsters without level-drain resistance, drains levels from them, and also gives hungerless regeneration and protection from level drain.

If #invoked, it heals half the HP you would need to return to full health, and cures sickness, blindness, and sliming. It does not cure blindness caused by a cream pie.[1] Note that invoking it will blast you with it's power unless you are a healer, even if you are neutral. The blast can often be higher than the heal, too.

Encyclopedia entry[]

This staff is considered sacred to all healers, as it truly
holds the powers of life and death. When wielded, it
protects its user from all life draining attacks, and
additionally gives the wielder the power of regeneration.
When invoked it performs healing magic.


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