(   The Magic Mirror of Merlin   Mirror
Base item mirror
When carried
When applied
When invoked (none)
Cost 1500 zm
Weight 13

The Magic Mirror of Merlin is the knight quest artifact. It is lawful for wishing purposes. Its base item type is a mirror.

When carried, the Magic Mirror of Merlin confers magic resistance and telepathy. In addition, knights do double damage to their enemies with some wands and most spells. For this reason, some players recommend making knights spellcasters; magic missile does enormous damage (average of 112) when cast by level thirty knight with the Magic Mirror.[1]

When applied or wielded, the Mirror speaks to you, like The Master Key of Thievery — it gives a random rumor, true if the Mirror is blessed, false if cursed and either if uncursed.

Double Damage Edit

A Knight carrying the Magic Mirror of Merlin in open inventory deals double damage to monsters when zapping the following wands or spells:

Other effects of these spells (such as the number of levels drained by drain life or the duration of sleep) are not changed.

Encyclopedia entry Edit

This powerful mirror was created by Merlin, the druid, in ages
past, when trees sang and rocks danced. It protects all who
carry it from magic missiles, and gives them ESP.

References Edit

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