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Base item pair of lenses
When carried
When worn
When invoked
Cost 2500 zm
Weight 3

The Eyes of the Overworld is the monk quest artifact. It is neutral for wishing purposes.

Its base item type is a pair of lenses, so wearing it lets you read spellbooks in two-thirds the time duration (and with a small intelligence bonus), and you can also search more successfully.

While wearing the Eyes you are granted astral vision: the squares around you are illuminated as would be lit by a lamp. The difference is astral vision penetrates walls, doors, solid rock, and any other obstruction. This is highly useful in trying to find secret doors or trying to navigate Gehennom without magic mapping. While wearing the Eyes, neither blindness nor the Archon's stunning gaze has any effect.

While carried, the Eyes provide magic resistance.

Invoking the Eyes provides enlightenment. You can use this as a semi-reliable method to identify rings and amulets (the only problem is when you try to identify a ring that provides an intrinsic you already have, such as stealth).

Encyclopedia entryEdit

... and finally there is "the Eyes of the Overworld". This
obscure artifact pushes the wearer's view sense into the
"overworld" -- another name for a segment of the Astral Plane.
Usually, there is nothing to be seen. However, the wearer
is also able to look back and see the area around herself,
much like looking on a map. Why anyone would want to ...

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