A tengu is a minor demon in NetHack. Its corpse is valued by many players, as it has a chance of granting teleport control (but can also grant teleportitis). Encountering tengus can be quite annoying, as they extensively teleport themselves during combat after hitting. It is easier to kill them in a no-teleport zone such as Sokoban. Unlike other minor demons, they are not susceptible to silver damage.

The wizard quest locate and end levels often are pre-populated with several tengu.

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Encyclopedia entry Edit

The tengu was the most troublesome creature of Japanese
legend. Part bird and part man, with red beak for a nose
and flashing eyes, the tengu was notorious for stirring up
feuds and prolonging enmity between families. Indeed, the
belligerent tengu were supposed to have been man's first
instructors in the use of arms.

[ Mythical Beasts, by Deirdre Headon (The Leprechaun Library) ]
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