All vampires will talk when #chatted to, giving a random vampirish message depending on the time of day, the monster's peacefulness, whether you are "kindred" (polymorphed into a vampire or vampire lord), and whether you are a "night child" (polymorphed into a wolf, winter wolf, or winter wolf cub)[1].

If the vampire is tame:

"Good evening to you Master!"
You are kindred, and it is night
"Good day to you Master. Why do we not rest?"
You are kindred, and it is day
"I can stand this craving no longer!"
It is midnight
"I beg you, help me satisfy this growing craving!"
It is night, but not midnight
"I find myself growing a little weary."
It is day

These last three messages are prefixed with Child of the night, if you are a night child.

If the vampire is peaceful:

"Good feeding brother/sister!"
You are kindred, it is night, and you are male/female
"How nice to hear you, child of the night!"
You are a night child, and it is night
"I only drink... potions."
You are neither kindred nor a night child, or it is not night.

If the vampire is hostile:

"This is my hunting ground that you dare to prowl!"
You are kindred
"Fool! Your silver sheen does not frighten me!"
You are polymorphed into a silver dragon
"Young Fool! Your silver sheen does not frighten me!"
You are polymorphed into a baby silver dragon
"I vill come after a man/woman without regret!"
You are male/female and unpolymorphed
"I vant to suck your blood!"
No other meaning

This last message actually depends on your physical form:

"I vant to suck your life force!"
You are polymorphed into a sphere or vortex
"I vant to suck your juices!"
You are polymorphed into a jelly or fungus

Source code referencesEdit

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