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+   turn undead   Light green spellbook
Appearance random
Spell type clerical
Level 6
Turns to read 48
Power cost 30 Pw
Ink to write 30–59
Cost 600 zm
Weight 50

Allows you to learn the turn undead spell. This is the knight's special spell. It produces a beam which works like that from a wand of undead turning.

Turn undead creates a beam which deals 1d8 damage (doubled for a knight with the Magic Mirror of Merlin) to undead monsters it hits, and causes them to flee if they fail a resistance check.

The beam has a second, less obvious, but arguably more useful function: unturn dead [1]. This will revive corpses and rejuvenate eggs.

Strategy Edit

As the spell causes very little damage and costs a lot of Pw to cast, its offensive function is of very limited use.

The corpse reviving ability can be quite useful, however. It can be used to revive a dead pet if it leaves a corpse (though it may have to be retamed). It can also be used to freshen a corpse for eating or sacrificing on an altar (by reviving the monster then killing it again).

References Edit

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