spellbook of
+   slow monster   Light green spellbook
Appearance random
Spell type Enchantment
Level 2
Turns to read 2
Power cost 10 Pw
Ink to write 10–19
Cost 200 zm
Weight 50

Allows you to learn the slow monster spell, which has the same effect as a Wand of slow monster.

Effects Edit

This is an excerpt from Spl1-343.txt:

Zap monster Edit

The monster becomes slow, or normal speed if fast. If you are engulfed by a vortex or air elemental, you are expelled. Some monsters may resist.

"You disrupt <monster>! A huge hole opens up..." (expelled) "<Monster> seems to be moving slower." (slowed, not swallowed)

Zap self Edit

If you currently have the speed intrinsic, it is lost.

"You slow down" (not wearing speed boots) "Your quickness feels less natural." (wearing speed boots)

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