spellbook of
+   force bolt   Light green spellbook
Appearance random
Spell type attack
Level 1
Turns to read 2
Power cost 5 Pw
Ink to write 5–9
Cost 100 zm
Weight 50

Force bolt is a spell. Every wizard starts the game knowing this spell and carrying a spellbook of force bolt. It is equivalent to a wand of striking. It does 2d12 damage. Monsters may resist for half damage. Monsters with magic resistance take no damage.

Zap the spell by pressing Z, selecting the letter of the spell (starts at a for Wizards), then choosing a direction yuhjklbn. Use the spell to kill monsters and break doors/boulders/statues.


Do not attack nymphs with this spell. Nymphs like to carry mirrors. If you manage to kill a nymph with this spell, the mirror breaks, causing a -2 Luck penalty.

It is a Bad Idea to use this spell in shops, as it can and will break fragile merchandise, possibly leaving you with a debt you are unable to pay.

Force bolt can pass the first monster it hits, also hitting monsters behind it.

Force bolt also makes a nice utility for the beginning wizard. It can be used to open hidden doors that you know about but can't find by searching. Care should be taken opening doors to shops in this manner. Force bolt can also destroy boulders, which is useful if you start with a book of Stone to Flesh or need to traverse a blocked corridor. It can also be used to break statues before you obtain a pick-axe.


Spellbooks comprise 4% of all randomly-generated items in the main dungeon, 12% in containers. There is a 35/982(3.56%) chance that a randomly-generated spellbook will be a Spellbook of force bolt.

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