spellbook of
+   finger of death   Light green spellbook
Appearance random
Spell type attack
Level 7
Turns to read 80
Power cost 35 Pw
Ink to write 35–69
Cost 700 zm
Weight 50

The finger of death is an exceptionally powerful spell, acting effectively as a wand of death. The spellbook is granted to wizards upon crowning in some circumstances (do not already have one and are not wielding Vorpal Blade or Stormbringer).

The forementioned wand that has identical effects is the wand of death. Like its counterpart, zapping yourself directly with the spell is an Instadeath, regardless of Reflection or Magic resistance.

Your skill in attack spells has no significant effect on finger of death other than decreasing the fail rate.

In other gamesEdit

The finger of death is also the ultimate spell in the old game Spellcast

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