A smoky potion is one of the randomly-generated colors of potion; it can be any type. However, it is noteworthy because it has a chance of summoning a djinni upon quaffing.

Quaffing a smoky potion has a 1/(13 + 2*djinn created in the game) chance of releasing the djinni.[1] This djinni may be peaceful, may be hostile, or may grant you a wish. Blessed smoky potions have a 4/5 chance of granting a wish, uncursed potions have a 1/5 chance, and cursed potions have a 1/20 chance.[2]

Because of this, it is worth blessing and quaffing all smoky potions, even if they are an otherwise useless or harmful type. In some cases, precautions must be taken; for example, if smoky potions are invisibility, you will need a way to deal with the permanent invisibility intrinsic.

The effect of quaffing a smoky potion does not depend on whether or not you have identified that type of potion. If you have identified smoky potions but have forgotten which ones they are, you can use the \ key to check your current identification knowledge.

Also note: a djinni can be summoned when a monster quaffs a potion. The djinni will disappear 50% of the time; otherwise it will always be peaceful and will not grant wishes.[3]

Chance of producing a djinniEdit

Djinn already created 0 1 2 3 4 5 n
Chance of producing a djinni 7.69% 6.67% 5.88% 5.26% 4.76% 4.35% 1 × 1/(13 + 2n)
Overall chance of wish Blessed 6.15% 5.33% 4.71% 4.21% 3.81% 3.48% 0.8 × 1/(13 + 2n)
Uncursed 1.53% 1.33% 1.18% 1.05% 0.95% 0.87% 0.2 × 1/(13 + 2n)
Cursed 0.38% 0.33% 0.29% 0.26% 0.24% 0.22% 0.05 × 1/(13 + 2n)


Blessed Uncursed Cursed Outcome
80% 20% 5% Grants one wish, then disappears. "I am in your debt. I will grant one wish!"
5% 20% 5% Remains as a pet. "Thank you for freeing me!"
5% 20% 5% Remains as a peaceful monster. "You freed me!"
5% 20% 5% Speaks, then vanishes. "It is about time!"
5% 20% 80% Remains as a hostile monster. "You disturbed me, fool!"

Milky potions Edit

Milky potions behave similarly to smoky potions in that they have a chance of containing a ghost. The ghost will always be hostile, and unless you are blind when you quaff the milky potion you will be "terrified, and unable to move" for three turns (which may have fatal consequences if milky potions were Full Healing and you were using them while battling against a tough monster like, say, Demogorgon).


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