Sliming is the process of a character turning into green slime as the result of either the slime's attack, using a biting or engulfing attack against a green slime, or attempting to eat its corpse. The process is fatal for you, but for other monsters they simply turn into a green slime. It is a slow process - you will have nine turns to take action against it if it is induced by the slime's attack or biting attack or consuming the corpse and four turns if by means of engulfing a green slime.

If you die to a sliming attack and are on an eligible bones level, rather than leaving a ghost you will appear as a green slime.

Resistance to this is granted by the amulet of unchanging or by polymorphing into a green slime or a fiery monster.

Once started the process can be stopped by either meeting one of the conditions above or by burning away the slime (either by being hit by a fire-based attack, such as zapping oneself with a wand of fire, reading a scroll of fire, throwing a lit potion of oil up, or by polymorphing into a fiery monster). Casting cure sickness, or #invoking The Staff of Aesculapius causes the slime to disappear. Prayer is also effective at removing slime, and an amulet of life saving will save you from the end result.


Message Turns to live
"You don't feel very well." 9
"You are turning a little green." 8
"Your limbs are getting oozy." 6
"Your skin begins to peel away." 4
"You are turning into a green slime." 2
"You have become a green slime." 0
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