Sleep resistance is an intrinsic which prevents you from being put to sleep by wands of sleep, potions of sleeping, sleeping gas traps, and orange dragon's breath attack, or when wearing an amulet of restful sleep. When you acquire the sleep resistance intrinsic, you get the message "You feel wide awake!" It can be acquired by:

  • Playing a Monk or Elf of level 4 or higher
  • Eating a monster which confers the intrinsic (e.g. elves of all kinds, homunculi, gelatinous cubes)
  • Being polymorphed into a naturally sleep-resistant monster


Sleeping gas traps are plentiful in Gehennom, so sleep resistance is a high priority. However, elves are quite common in the upper dungeon, and can be safely eaten by anyone but a monk or elf player, both of which gain intrinsic sleep resistance anyways, so getting sleep resistance is not difficult.


Different monsters have the ability to confer this instrinsic upon eating. The full list is below. The percent chance refers to the chance of gaining this instrinsic upon completely eating the corpse. Only the gelatinous cube is safe for vegetarians or vegans.

Monster Nutrition Percent chance
Chromatic Dragon 1700 17%
elf 350 67%
elf-lord 350 53%
Elvenking 350 60%
flesh golem 600 12%
gelatinous cube 150 10%
Green-elf 350 33%
Grey-elf 350 40%
homunculus 100 7%
orange dragon 1500 100%
Woodland-elf 350 27%
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