Silver is a material composing a few items in the Dungeons of Doom. Silver cannot corrode or rust and hinders spellcasting when worn as armor. Striking with a silver object will deal silver damage against certain monster types. Any item made of silver is eligible for dealing damage to shades.

List of silver items Edit

The following items are made of silver:

Notable non-silver items Edit

Some items have silver in their name but this refers to their color, not their composition. These items (which do not deal silver damage) include:

Silver damage Edit

Creatures vulnerable to silver are called silver-hating creatures. The following creatures are silver-hating:[1]

When one of these creatures is struck by a silver item, it will suffer an extra d20 damage.[2][3] Unlike other damage bonuses, this extra damage will not be doubled by artifacts such as Grayswandir or Werebane.

References Edit

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