The shrieker is a monster in NetHack. According to Dungeons and Dragons, the shrieker is a large purple fungus. While it has no attacks and moves very slowly, its ability to shriek gives it the ability to aggravate monsters and occasionally (1/10 of all shrieks[1]) summon a random monster somewhere on the level, 1/13[2] of which are purple worms (the explanation given for this is that purple worms enjoy consuming shriekers and are attracted by their shriek[3]). #Chatting with a shrieker will also cause it to shriek; this aggravates monsters, but cannot summon any.[4] The shrieker corpse also gives a 20% chance for poison resistance, and is safe to eat. As a fungus, consuming it does not break the vegan or vegetarian conducts.

The line "The shrieker shrieks." has gained a reputation as being one of the most memorable lines in NetHack.

In Slash'EM shriekers, like all F except lichens, may rise from the dead.

Encyclopedia entry[]

With a single, savage thrust of her spear, the warrior-woman
impaled the fungus, silencing it. However, it was too late:
the alarm had been raised[...]
Suddenly, a large, dark shape rose from the abyss before them,
its fetid bulk looming overhead...The monster was some kind of
great dark worm, but that was about all they were sure of.

[ The Adventurers, Epic IV, by Thomas A. Miller ]