[   shield of reflection   Shield of reflection
Appearance polished silver shield
Slot shield
AC 2
Cost 50 zm
Weight 50
Material silver

The shield of reflection is a rare but useful item. It conveys reflection. It also does silver damage against silver-hating monsters when wielded, though this is a highly suboptimal use for it. When unidentified, it is a polished silver shield; when blind, it is a smooth shield.

Medusa's lair has a statue of Perseus on the down stair. In the first variation of this level (with the circular central island), the statue has a 75% chance of containing a shield of reflection. In the second variation, the chance is 25%. In both cases, the shield is cursed.

All Archons start with a shield of reflection. Angels and Aleaxes have a 25% chance of having one.


Although reflection is a crucial property, the shield inhibits both two-weapon combat and spellcasting, making it an unpopular choice for the ascension kit. That said, it's still a potentially useful piece of equipment for early- to mid-game characters who don't rely exclusively on spells.

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