A shield is a form of armor carried in the off-hand. Wearing any shield increases spellcasting failure rates, although the penalty is lower for a small shield.[1]

When using a shield, you are unable to wield two-handed weapons or use the #twoweapon skill.

Monster useEdit

Some monsters are generated with (or pick up) and use shields. Of specific note are Archons, Angels and Aleaxes - all Archons are generated with a shield of reflection, where as Angels and Aleaxes have a 25% chance of having one. This makes using ray-based attacks against them a Bad Idea.

A humanoid pet with suitable capability will pick up and use shields as well, for example a pet Centaur.

List of shieldsEdit

Shield Unidentified
Cost Weight AC Material Special properties
Uruk-hai shield white-handed shield 7 50 1 iron
Orcish shield red-eyed shield 7 50 1 iron
Large shield large shield 10 100 2 iron
Dwarvish roundshield large round shield 10 100 2 iron
Elven shield blue and green shield 7 40 2 wood
Small shield small shield 3 30 1 wood
Shield of reflection polished silver shield 50 50 2 silver provides reflection
  1. spell.c#line1216 (extra shield penalty doesn't apply for small shields)
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