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? Scroll
Name stinking cloud
Appearance random
Cost 300 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 10-19

A scroll of stinking cloud, cost 300, allows you to center a cloud of poison gas around a point of your choice on the dungeon map (this point must be visible and in close range, however). Blessed scrolls give a larger cloud and do more damage; cursed scrolls give a smaller cloud and do less damage.


The stinking cloud causes damage and angers monsters, unless the affected creature (including you) is non-living (undead) or unbreathing. The damage is ignored (but not the anger) if the affected creature has poison resistance. If the affected creature has eyes, it is blinded.

The stinking cloud causes damage equivalent to the size of the stinking cloud +5, so blessed scrolls do more damage as the size of the cloud is larger. Each scroll creates a 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 cloud, depending on the scroll being cursed, uncursed or blessed, respectively.

The cloud will last up to four turns but may dissipate sooner.

The area covered by a stinking cloud is represented by #Cloud, which is the symbol also used for the dungeon feature cloud. It can be readily seen that these are quite different however: Clouds remain visible on-screen when the hero is blind; stinking clouds are only displayed when actually seen by the hero.

Strategy Edit

Players who are unbreathing, or poison resistant, can use stinking cloud to wipe out an entire crowd of surrounding monsters.

A stinking cloud can also be used to kill a shopkeeper from a safe distance, provided you are magic-resistant - the cloud should kill the shopkeeper before they drain their wands and come after you physically.


"You smell rotten eggs."
  • You selected a spot too far away or not visible.
"Something is burning your <lungs>! You cough and spit blood!"
  • You are affected by a stinking cloud and don't have poison resistance
"You cough."
  • You are poison resistant and have no ill effects from the stinking cloud.
"<monster> coughs!"
  • A breathing, living, non-poison resistant monster is affected by the stinking cloud.
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