? Scroll.png
Name remove curse
Appearance random
Cost 80 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 8-15

The scroll of remove curse has a base cost of 80, and when read, it will uncurse worn or wielded items, loadstones and leashes in use. If the scroll is blessed, it will uncurse all items in the main inventory. If the scroll is cursed, it will not remove (or add) a curse from an item. Regardless of the scroll's BUC status, if you are punished, it will unpunish you by destroying the chain (the iron ball will remain).

If read while confused and uncursed, it will curse 25% of your uncursed worn items and bless another 25% of them (items already in a blessed or cursed state are not affected). Reading it while confused and blessed does the same thing, except to your entire inventory.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

An uncursed scroll will uncurse only all worn and wielded items, but if your weapon isn't cursed you can also use it to uncurse a miscellaneous item within your inventory. Simply wield the cursed item - you have to specify the inventory letter directly or press * to get the full list of your inventory, rather than the recommended weapons - and read the scroll. The item wielded will then be uncursed.

Blessed scrolls can also be used to create holy and unholy water without the use of altars or prayer. Simply [N]ame (and say yes to a specific item) individual clear potions so they don't stack, drop all other items and then read the scroll while confused. This will curse and bless 25% of the potions. Remove the [N]ames on the potions, allowing the potions to stack, and then the blessed clear potions are holy water and cursed clear potions are unholy. If you cannot altar-test, you can also pet-test for unholy water, and then dip a blessed, non-erodable object into the remaining two stacks - only the uncursed water will wet it. Alternatively, dip the remaining two stacks into each other.

Some players mainly use this scroll to mass-bless items of the ascension kit or certain types of polypile fodder. Since it will also curse items, it is recommended to learn the spell remove curse at a skilled level or to exploit the light blue aura boon when praying at an altar. On average, 12.25 items are blessed per scroll - this is the most resource-conserving way in the game to bless large quantities of non-stackable items. Only weapons, unicorn horns and pickaxe can be blessed more efficiently by praying.

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