? Scroll
Name light
Appearance random
Cost 50 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 4-7

The scroll of light generates a permanent field of light when read. The field has a 9-unit radius if blessed or a 5-unit radius if uncursed. If cursed, it instead creates a 5-unit radius field of darkness and extinguishes active light sources. If confused, the scroll will instead produce a field of darkness regardless of the beatitude of the scroll - a 9-unit radius if the scroll was blessed, or a 5-unit radius if the scroll was uncursed or cursed. In addition, all carried light sources will be extinguished. Sunsword is not extinguished by the extinguishing effects, nor is the light generated by light producing creatures such as yellow lights.


A lit field surrounds you!
You read a blessed or uncursed scroll.
You are surrounded by darkness!
You read a cursed scroll, or a scroll of any beatitude while confused. Additional messages:
Your <light source> goes out!
Your <candle>'s flame is extinguished.
Your light source is extinguished.
Suddenly, the only light left comes from Sunsword!
You are wielding Sunsword.


While useful for lighting up a single room, a more efficient option is using a wand of light, spellbook of light, or a lamp, brass lantern or other light source. Therefore, this scroll is a good candidate for blanking.

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