? Scroll.png
Name genocide
Appearance random
Cost 300 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 15-29

The scroll of genocide is one of the most powerful scrolls in the game. It allows you to permanently wipe out (or, if cursed, send in) almost any species or class of monster in the game. For detailed rules and strategy about what can be genocided and when, see Genocide.

Reading effects[]

Case Effect
blessed You can genocide an entire class of monsters (all species with the same symbol); or you can choose 'none'.
uncursed You can genocide one species; or you can choose 'none'.
cursed You are surrounded by 4 to 6 monsters of one species, if they are not already genocided or extinct. If you choose 'none', a monster species will be selected at random. The monsters will carry nothing.

The effects also depend on whether or not you are confused:

Case Effect
confused and uncursed You genocide your own role.
confused and cursed You are surrounded by 4 to 6 monsters of your own role. The monsters will carry nothing.


Message Reason
"You have found a scroll of genocide!" The scroll of genocide is found
"What class of monsters do you wish to genocide?" The scroll is blessed
"Wiped out all <monster>." <monster> successfully genocided.
"You feel dead inside." You genocided your own race, but were polymorphed into another at the time. If you quit after getting this message, but before turning back, your score list entry will state that you "quit while already on Charon's boat."
"What monster do you want to genocide? [type the name]" The scroll is uncursed or cursed.
"Wiped out all <your role or current form>" This message is given when you are hallucinating, regardless of which monster was actually genocided.
"Sent in some <monster>." The scroll was cursed


The scroll is rare and costs the same as a scroll of punishment, hence it is not a good idea to read an unidentified 300zm scroll. It is potentially fatal to do so while confused. If you must read it without knowing the BUC status, choose a low-level monster to genocide - that way, if it turns out to be cursed, you will only be surrounded by, say, newts. Another safe choice to genocide is the kraken. Although these are high level monsters, they cannot usually attack while on land and thus can easily be killed for a nice bundle of experience, in addition to being a worthwhile genocide should the scroll be uncursed (however, some caution is advised around them, as you can be attacked by them, at least, while digging.)

Fortunately for the player, monsters will not read this scroll.