? Scroll
Name fire
Appearance random
Cost 100 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 4-7

The scroll of fire causes an explosion of fire in a 3x3 square area centered on the player. This deals fire damage to you and any monsters around you based on the BUC status of the scroll: 3-5 HP if the scroll was blessed, 2-3 HP if uncursed, or 1-2 HP if cursed, and double damage if a creature has resistance to cold but not to fire (such as a blue jelly). Acting as a weak fireball, it boils potions, and burns scrolls and spellbooks in your inventory, monster inventories, and on the ground, and damages worn armor and cosmetically damages wooden wands and rings. You are unaffected if fire resistant, and your armor is safe if fireproof.

If read while confused and not fire resistant, you instead lose 1 HP.

This scroll will never be destroyed by external sources of fire, such as wands of fire or fire traps.


The scroll self-identifies when read. If you have the option to price identify scrolls, this scroll has the same price as another semi-harmful scroll, the scroll of destroy armor. Remove armor and drop scrolls, spellbooks and potions before reading these scrolls in this price range to minimize damage to your inventory. Stand at least one square away from vulnerable items so that the items don't take collateral damage. Reading the scroll near a peaceful creature (such as shopkeepers and aligned priests) will anger them, so when identifying them, do so away from them. In a shop, the damage from this scroll may affect nearby fire vulnerable items, which you will be liable to pay for.


The explosion of fire burns away any slime covering you. Also, since it is fireproof, it can be carried in Gehennom without being destroyed by the fire traps, which is marginally useful for some corner cases. This scroll is otherwise mostly useless, and a prime candidate for blanking.


Reading the scroll gives the following messages:

"The scroll erupts in a tower of flame!"
Standard effect
"The water around you vaporizes violently!"
You were underwater
"Oh, look, what a pretty fire in your <hands>."
You were confused, fire-resistant, and unblind
"You feel a pleasant warmth in your <hands>."
You were confused, fire-resistant, and blind
"The scroll catches fire and you burn your <hands>."
You were confused and not fire-resistant
"The slime that covers you is burned away!"
You were turning into a green slime, but the process was stopped.
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