? Scroll
Name create monster
Appearance random
Cost 200 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 5-9

The scroll of create monster creates one or more monsters around you.

Reading effectsEdit

CaseNumber of monsters created
uncursed72/73 chance of 1; 1/73 chance of 2 to 5
cursed72/73 chance of 13; 1/73 chance of 14 to 17
confused72/73 chance of 13 acid blobs; 1/73 chance of 14 to 17 acid blobs

Monsters can also read this scroll, with the same effects.


This scroll self-identifies if you see the new monsters being created.


This scroll might be used to create monsters for sacrificing, or for killing to gain XP, but it is also commonly blanked.

Advanced players are sometimes interested in reading these scrolls while confused in order to create massive numbers of acid blobs, e.g. for dispatching the Riders or as a protective fort against strong monsters.

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