SLASH 6 was the last of six releases of SLASH that were based on NetHack 3.1.3.

Availability Edit

The source code is archived on Ali Harlow's website at [1]. It includes only the files needed to build for MS-DOS on the old Watcom compiler; it might be possible to build with Open Watcom after tweaking the code (it doesn't compile as is).

Various obscure FTP sites have binaries and earlier versions.

The adventurer Edit

SLASH 6 inherits the twelve roles of NetHack 3.1.3 and six roles from NetHack Plus, and adds two of its own; it also allows certain roles to have the player's choice of alignment, something new at that time:

ArcheologistLawful or Neutralkitten or little dogVanillaLawful in vanilla
BarbarianNeutral or Chaotickitten or little dogVanillaNeutral in vanilla
Cave(wo)manLawful or Neutrallittle dogVanillaLawful in vanilla
DopplegangerAnykitten or little dogNetHack PlusChaotic in NH+
ElfAnykitten or little dogVanillaChaotic in vanilla
Flame MageNeutralbaby red dragonNetHack Plus
GnomeLawful or Neutralgiant badgernew
HealerLawful or Neutralkitten, little dog, or snakeVanillaNeutral in vanilla
Ice MageNeutralbaby white dragonNetHack Plus
KnightLawfulkitten or little dogVanilla
LycanthropeChaoticwolfNetHack Plus
MonkNeutralkitten or little dogNetHack Plus
Priest(ess)Anykitten or little dogVanillaRandom alignment in vanilla
RogueNeutral or Chaotickitten or giant ratVanillaChaotic in vanilla
SamuraiLawfullittle dogVanilla
TouristLawful or Neutralkitten or little dogVanillaNeutral in vanilla
Undead SlayerLawfulkitten or little dogNetHack Plus
ValkyrieNeutral or Chaotickitten or little dogVanillaNeutral in vanilla
WizardNeutralkitten or batVanilla

All classes permit male and female adventurers, except the Valkyrie which must be female. Chaotic elves are called drow and get a different Quest from lawful or neutral ones.

Dungeon features Edit

Levels and branches Edit

The Dungeons of Doom are lengthened, to accommodate a number of new levels and branches, all of which are new to SLASH:

Code is present to implement the Black Market, inherited from NetHack Plus, and for The Wyrm Caves, but is commented out.

Gehennom is shortened, to reduce the number of mazes, and Yeenoghu, Demogorgon, Geryon, and Dispater are all given lairs.

Rooms Edit

New special rooms are:

giant courtNetHack--
leprechaun courtNetHack--
bad food shopNetHack--
real zooNetHack--
dragon lairnew
cockatrice nestnew

The bad food shop is not a shop in the usual sense. The wasp hive and "Room 11" from NetHack-- were removed.

There is one additional type of shop, a pet shop inherited from NetHack Plus.

Traps and fixtures Edit

The optional water weird fountain from NetHack Plus was removed. New fixtures, all new to SLASH, are the grave and the toilet.

SLASH 6 adds no new traps to NetHack 3.1.3.

The bestiary Edit

Most monsters that had their appearances changed in NetHack-- 3.1.3 are restored to their appearances in NetHack-- 3.0.10.

Monsters in SLASH, in addition to those in vanilla NetHack 3.1.3, are:

snow antaNetHack-- 3.1.3
yellow jacketaNetHack-- 3.1.3
tsetse flyanew
giant waspaNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly a
black waspaNetHack-- 3.1.3
army antanew
spitting beetleanew
assassin buganew
killer beetleaNetHack-- 3.1.3
jiggling blobbnew
lava blobbnew
crackling blobbnew
burbling blobbnew
chickatricecNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly c
dingodNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly d
coyotedNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly d
pit bulldNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly d
death dogdnew
rabid wolfdnew
shadow wolfdnew
mist wolfdnew
glowing eyeeNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly e
flaming sphereeNetHack-- 3.1.3
shocking sphereenew
bloodshot eyeeNetHack-- 3.1.3
blinking eyeeNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly e
beholdereNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly e
gas sporeenew
pantherfNetHack-- 3.1.3
sabre-toothed catfNetHack-- 3.1.3
displacer beastfnew
hellcatfNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly f
dwarf thiefhnew
duergarhNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly h
master mind flayerhnew
dretchiNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly i
rutterkiniNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly i
blood impinew
clear jellyjnew
red jellyjNetHack-- 3.1.3
orange jellyjnew
black jellyjnew
swamp koboldknew
rock koboldknew
kobold wizardknew
kobold warriorknew
Kroo the Kobold KingkNetHack-- 3.1.3
leprechaun wizardlnew
AphroditenNetHack-- 3.1.3
orconewAlso in vanilla, but only for corpses
war orconew
great orconew
Grund the Orc KingoNetHack-- 3.1.3
snow orconew
demon orconew
glass piercerpNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly p
giant badgerqnew
scramperqNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly q
manglerqNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly q
Jumbo the ElephantqNetHack-- 3.1.3
rabbitrNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly r
black rat rNetHack-- 3.1.3
rabid rabbitrnew
pack rat rnew
hellrat rNetHack-- 3.1.3
the Rat King rnew
recluse spidersNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly s
barking spidersnew
carrion crawlersnew
giant scorpionsNetHack-- 3.1.3
GirtabsNetHack-- 3.1.3
phase spidersnew
nightmareuNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly u; name is not a proper name
maggotwNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly u
dung wormwnew
acid wormwNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly w
tunnel wormwNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly w
rot wormwNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly w
arc bugxNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly x
spark bugxNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly x
lightning bugxNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly x
red lightynew
blue lightynew
movanic devaAnew
monadic devaAnew
astral devaAnew
rhumbatBNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly B
hellbatBNetHack-- 3.1.3
mongbatBNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly B
baby silver dragonDnew
baby shimmering dragonDnew
baby deep dragonDnew
silver dragonDnew
shimmering dragonDnew
deep dragonDNetHack PlusFormerly D
disgusting moldFNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly F
black moldFNetHack-- 3.1.3
gnome thiefGNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly G
deep gnomeGnew
gnome warriorGnewReplaces the gnome king from vanilla
Ruggo the Gnome KingGnewGnome quest leader
storm giantHnew
the Largest GiantHnew
vorpal jabberwockJnew
VecnaLNetHack PlusFormerly "Master Vecna" and Undead Slayer quest nemesis
troll mummyMnew
ogre mageOnew
shadow ogreOnew
moldy puddingPnew
green slimePnew
king cobraSnew
asphynxSNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly S and "asphyx"
two-headed trollTnew
black trollTNetHack-- 3.1.3
water hulkUnew
vampire mageVnew
ghoulZNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly Z
ghastZNetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly Z
drow@newDrow quest guardian
black marketeer@NetHack PlusSupport for the black market is disabled
shadow new
spined devil&new
bearded devil&NetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly &
efreeti&NetHack-- 3.1.3
dao&NetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly &
marid&NetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly &
shark;NetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly ;
giant crab;new
gila monster:new
salamander:NetHack-- 3.1.3
basilisk:NetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly :
komodo dragon:new
doppelganger@NetHack PlusFormerly @
flame mage@NetHack PlusFormerly @
ice mage@NetHack PlusFormerly @
monk@NetHack PlusFormerly @
undead slayer@NetHack PlusFormerly @
Master Shifter@NetHack PlusDoppelganger quest leader
High Flame Mage@NetHack PlusFlame Mage quest leader
High Ice Mage@NetHack PlusIce Mage quest leader
High Lycanthrope@NetHack PlusLycanthrope quest leader
Grand Master@NetHack PlusMonk quest leader; formerly @
the Dark Lord@newNecromancer quest leader
Van Helsing@NetHack PlusUndead Slayer quest leader; formerly "Master Slayer" and @
LolthsnewDrow quest leader
Transmuter@NetHack PlusDoppelganger quest nemesis
Water Mage@NetHack PlusFlame Mage quest nemesis
Lareth@newGnome quest nemesis
Earth Mage@NetHack PlusIce Mage quest nemesis
Sir Lorimar@NetHack PlusLycanthrope quest nemesis
Master Kaen@NetHack PlusMonk quest nemesis
Maugneshaagar&newNecromancer quest nemesis
Lord Vlad the Impaler@newUndead Slayer quest nemesis
shifter@NetHack PlusDoppelganger quest guardian; formerly @
igniter@NetHack PlusFlame Mage quest guardian; formerly @
froster@NetHack PlusIce Mage quest guardian; formerly @
fiend@NetHack PlusLycanthrope quest guardian; formerly @
intern@NetHack Plusfunction unknown; formerly @
abbot@NetHack PlusMonk quest guardian; formerly @
embalmer@newNecromancer quest guardian
exterminator@NetHack PlusUndead Slayer quest guardian; formerly @
bad egg%new
killer tripe ration%NetHack-- 3.1.3
killer food ration%NetHack-- 3.1.3
pile of killer coins$NetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly "gold mimic"
large pile of killer coins$NetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly "pile of creeping gold coins"
huge pile of killer coins$NetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly "pile of killer gold coins"

The plain gnome is the Gnome quest guardian. Earendil is both the quest leader for male elves and the quest nemesis for drow.

NetHack-- 3.1.3 monsters not carried forward are:

  • black ant
  • queen ant
  • the King Bee
  • red blob
  • white blob
  • blue blob
  • poisonous blob
  • gigantic blob
  • The Blob
  • Wile E. Coyote
  • burning eye
  • Rexfelis
  • gremlin leader
  • hobbit thief
  • hobbit bandit
  • Bilbo
  • huge bugbear
  • bugbear chieftain
  • The Jelly That Ate Cleveland
  • kobold chieftain
  • Krooella the Kobold Queen
  • leprechaun elder
  • O'Brien
  • goblin thief
  • goblin shaman
  • berator
  • bogwumpus
  • killer rabbit
  • vampire bunny
  • Energizer Bunny
  • Bugs Bunny
  • centaur shaman
  • centaur chieftain
  • Silva the Centaur King
  • undead dragon
  • Tiamat
  • creeping mold
  • large giant
  • Kop Kommissioner
  • The Mummy
  • blue naga hatchling
  • blue naga
  • ogre magi
  • tapioca pudding
  • giant rust monster
  • asp
  • hulk
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Yuval
  • cave ape
  • J.R. 'Bob' Dobbs
  • juju zombi
  • mist golem
  • elven mage
  • elvin priest
  • bandit
  • evil mage
  • evil priest
  • general
  • Morgan La Fay
  • Tom
  • Butch
  • Mordred
  • demon
  • nycademon
  • Barney
  • giant chameleon
  • tyrannosaur
  • Godzilla
  • killer tomato
  • ravenous cream pie
  • goldbug
  • pile of silver coins

NetHack Plus monsters not carried forward are:

  • water weird
  • lycanthrope


Objects listed are those not present in vanilla NetHack 3.1.3, unless otherwise noted.


All artifacts are listed; some have different properties than in vanilla NetHack 3.1.3.

Artifacts in SLASH 6 are:

Excaliburlong swordLawfulKnightvanilla
Sunswordlong swordLawfulPriestvanillaNo role in vanilla
Holy Sword of Lawlong swordLawful new
Demonbanelong swordLawful vanilla
Werebanesilver saberLawful vanilla
Trollsbanemorning starLawful vanillaChaotic in vanilla; had been chaotic in NetHack 3.1.2
Ogresmasherwar hammerLawfulGnomevanillaNo role in vanilla
Orcristelven broadswordLawful vanillaChaotic in vanilla
Stingelven daggerLawful vanillaChaotic in vanilla
Holy Spear of Lightsilver spearLawfulUndead SlayerNetHack Plus
SkullcrusherclubLawful NetHack Plus
Quick Bladeelven short swordLawful NetHack Plus
Fire DaggerdaggerLawful NetHack PlusHealer in NetHack Plus
Grayswandirsilver saberLawful vanilla
FirebiteraxeLawful NetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly a battle-axe
Sword of Balancesilver short swordNeutral NetHack Plus
Giantkillerdwarvish mattockNeutral NetHack PlusReplaces Giantslayer from vanilla
Vorpal Bladelong swordNeutral vanilla
Luckbladeshort swordNeutral NetHack Plus
Mjollnirheavy hammerNeutralValkyrievanillaWar hammer in vanilla
Frost Brandlong swordNeutralIce MagevanillaNo role in vanilla
Fire Brandlong swordNeutralFlame MagevanillaNo role in vanilla
DragonbanebroadswordNeutral vanilla
DisruptermaceNeutralPriestNetHack Plus
Mirrorbrightshield of reflectionNeutral new
Deludercloak of displacementNeutral new
Whisperfeetspeed bootsNeutral new
Graywandtwo-handed swordNeutral new
Heartseekershort swordNeutral new
ScalpelrapierNeutral new
Cat's ClawdaggerNeutral new
Cleaverbattle-axeChaoticBarbarianvanillaNeutral in vanilla
Serpent's TonguedaggerChaoticNecromancerNetHack Plus"Serpents Tongue" and no role in NetHack Plus
Grimtoothorcish daggerChaotic vanilla
Doombladeorcish short swordChaotic NetHack Plus
Elfristorcish spearChaotic NetHack Plus
StormbringerruneswordChaotic vanilla
Thiefbanelong swordChaotic NetHack PlusBlack Market is commented out
IcebiteraxeChaotic NetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly a lawful battle-axe
Deathswordtwo-handed swordChaotic NetHack-- 3.1.3Formerly long sword
Bat from Hellbaseball batChaotic new
The Eye of VecnaeyeballChaotic new
The Hand of Vecnasevered handChaotic new
Gauntlets of Defensegauntlets of dexterityNeutralMonkNetHack Plus

The following are Quest artifacts:

The Orb of Detectioncrystal ballLawfulArcheologistvanilla
The Heart of AhrimanluckstoneChaoticBarbarianvanilla
The Sceptre of MightquarterstaffLawfulCavemanvanilla
The Medallion of Shiftersamulet of ESPNeutralDoppelgangernew
The Palantir of Westernessecrystal ballLawfulElfvanilla
The Candle of Eternal Flamemagic candleNeutralFlame Magenew
The Pick of Flandal Steelskinpick-axeNeutralGnomenew
The Staff of AesculapiusquarterstaffNeutralHealervanilla
The Storm Whistlemagic whistleLawfulIce Magenew
The Magic Mirror of MerlinmirrorLawfulKnightvanilla
The Staff of WitheringquarterstaffChaoticLycanthropenew
The Mantle of Knowledgehelm of brillianceNeutralMonknew
The Great Dagger of Glaurgnaagreat daggerChaoticNecromancernew
The Mitre of Holinesshelm of brillianceLawfulPriestvanilla
The Master Key of Thieveryskeleton keyChaoticRoguevanilla
The Tsurugi of MuramasatsurugiLawfulSamuraivanilla
The Platinum Yendorian Express Cardcredit cardNeutralTouristvanilla
The Stake of Van Helsingwooden stakeLawfulUndead Slayernew
The Orb of Fatecrystal ballNeutralValkyrievanilla
The Eye of the Aethiopicaamulet of ESPNeutralWizardvanilla
The Tentacle StaffquarterstaffChaoticDrownew

Icebiter and Firebiter had been axes in NetHack-- 3.0.10. NetHack-- 3.1.3 changed them to battle-axes, but SLASH 6 changes them back.

Artifacts from NetHack-- 3.1.3 not carried forward are:

  • Cuthbert's Cudgel
  • Dirk
  • Disrupter (Disruptor from NetHack Plus is used instead)
  • Elfrist (the Elfrist used is from NetHack Plus)
  • Equalizer
  • Firestar
  • Fungisword
  • Kopkiller
  • Liontamer
  • Soulthief


All amulets appear as ". SLASH 6 defines these amulets, in addition to those in NetHack 3.1.3, and all are new to SLASH:


asian pear [sic]%new
holy wafer%NetHack Plus
severed hand%new
sandwich%NetHack-- 3.1.3
cheese%NetHack-- 3.1.3

The cake and doughnut from NetHack-- 3.1.3 were removed.


Weapons in SLASH 6, in addition to those in NetHack 3.1.3, are:

dark elven arrow(new
dark elven dagger(new
dark elven short sword(new
silver dagger(NetHack Plus
silver short sword(new
silver long sword(NetHack Plus
silver mace(NetHack Plus
silver spear(NetHack Plus
heavy hammer(NetHack Plus
wooden stake(new
baseball bat(new
great dagger(new
dark elven bow(new

The axe of throwing from NetHack Plus and the sharpened pencil from NetHack-- 3.1.3 were removed.


Tools in SLASH 6, in addition to those in NetHack 3.1.3, are:

magic candle(NetHack Plus
orb of enchantment(NetHack Plus
orb of charging(NetHack Plus
orb of destruction(NetHack Plus
medical kit(NetHack Plus
pan pipe of summoning(new
pan pipe of the sewers(new
pan pipe(new


Armor items in SLASH 6, in addition to those in NetHack 3.1.3, are:

fire helmet[new
silver dragon scale mail[new
shimmering dragon scale mail[new
deep dragon scale mail[NetHack PlusFormerly [
silver dragon scales[new
shimmering dragon scales[new
deep dragon scales[NetHack PlusFormerly [
dark elven mithril-coat[new
asbestos jacket[new
robe[[[[NetHack Plus
robe of protection[[[[NetHack Plus
robe of power[[[[NetHack Plus
robe of weakness[[[[NetHack Plus
lab coat[NetHack-- 3.1.3
cloak of drain resistance[[[[[new
cloak of poisonousness[[[[[new
gauntlets of swimming[[new
kicking boots[[new

Removed items are:

  • the bracers of defense, the bracers of absorption, and the crystal shield from NetHack Plus.
  • the expensive suit from NetHack-- 3.1.3.


Potions have randomized appearances (except for water), appearing as one of ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !. SLASH 6 has these potions in addition to the ones in NetHack 3.1.3; the potion of polymorph is from NetHack-- 3.1.3, and all others are new:


All scrolls appear as ?.

SLASH 6 has one scroll not present in NetHack 3.1.3, a scroll of trap detection. It is new to SLASH.


Wands have randomized appearances, appearing as one of / / / / / / /. SLASH 6 has the following wands, in addition to those in NetHack 3.1.3:

wand of enlightenmentNetHack-- 3.1.3
wand of create hordenew
wand of fearnew
wand of healingNetHack-- 3.1.3
wand of extra healingnew
wand of fireballnew


Spellbooks have randomized appearances (except for blank paper and the Book of the Dead), appearing as one of + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +. SLASH 6 has these spellbooks, in addition to those in NetHack 3.1.3:

spellbook of resist poisonNetHack Plus
spellbook of resist sleepNetHack Plus
spellbook of endure heatNetHack Plus
spellbook of endure coldNetHack Plus
spellbook of insulateNetHack PlusFormerly "insolate"
spellbook of enlightenNetHack Plus
spellbook of summon undeadnew
spellbook of command undeadnew
spellbook of enchant weaponNetHack Plus
spellbook of enchant armorNetHack Plus

The spellbook of genocide, restored in NetHack-- 3.1.3, disappears yet again.

It should be noted here that spells in SLASH 6 (as in NetHack 3.1.3) work rather like wands, having a limited number of charges per read of a spellbook, and that spellbooks can only be read once. Many of these spells, among them enlighten, enchant armor, and enchant weapon, would be unbalancing if combined with the modern spellcasting system.


Rings have randomized appearances, appearing as one of = = = = = = = = = = = =. SLASH 6 has the following rings, in addition to those in NetHack 3.1.3:

ring of gain constitutionNetHack Plus
ring of gain intelligenceNetHack-- 3.1.3
ring of gain wisdomnew
ring of gain dexterityNetHack-- 3.1.3
ring of sleepingnew
ring of drain resistancenew
ring of free actionnew


SLASH 6 has the following stones, in addition to those in NetHack 3.1.3:

jacinth stone*new
black opal*new
citrine stone*new
jet stone*new
chrysoberyl stone*new
obsidian stone*new
agate stone*new
stone of health*NetHack Plus
stone of rotting*NetHack Plus

and pieces of orange, yellow and black glass. Glass is called "piece of <color> glass", without the "worthless" part.

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