Rumors are a way to learn about the game without reading spoilers. Rumors come in two forms: true and false. The true ones are useful hints, while the false ones are useless or incorrect.

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True rumorsEdit

Rumor #330: Throwing food at a wild dog might tame him.

This encourages the player to throw tripe at dogs to tame them.

Rumor #47: Eating a freezing sphere is like eating a yeti.

This suggests that by eating a freezing sphere or a yeti you may get the cold resistance. Unfortunately, freezing spheres never leave corpses.

Rumor #326: They say the gods get angry if you kill your dog.

This suggests that if you kill a pet, you get an alignment penalty (-15 to be exact).

False rumorsEdit

Rumor #7: A cockatrice corpse is guaranteed to be untainted!

This encourages the player to eat a cockatrice corpse, which is a fatal mistake.

Rumor #157: Sorry, no fortune this time. Better luck next cookie!

This is just plain useless.

Rumor #195: They say that a hacker named David once slew a giant with a sling and a rock.

Some false rumours are just random references to random things.

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