The remove command is, by default, mapped to capital R: [R]

It is used to remove amulets, rings and eyewear. It is not used for taking off armor (see Take off).

As well as being unable to remove an item if it is cursed, you are unable to remove a ring if you are wearing cursed gloves. If your gloves are not cursed, you do not have to [T]ake off your gloves to remove a ring. Strangely, this condition remains true even if you [W]ore gloves on after wearing a ring...

Paranoid remove[]

Normally, pressing [R] when you have only one accessory equipped will remove it without prompting. This can be fatal if, for example, you accidentally remove your ring of levitation over a body of water.

If you have the paranoid quit patch (as NAO does), and the option paranoid_remove is set, you will always be prompted.

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