record file is the high-score file. The file is in Nethack's playground directory (on some systems the same directory as the NetHack executable binary) and the file format is the same as logfile.

When compiling NetHack from source, you can change the number of entries saved into the record file by editing topten.c, line 36 and thereabouts:

  • NAMSZ defines the maximum length of username saved into the record file.
  • PERSMAX defines how many entries are allowed for a single player for each role. If PERS_IS_UID is also defined, then the UID of the NetHack process is used to distinguish users, otherwise the user name is used.
  • POINTSMIN says how many points are needed, at minimum, to get into the record file.
  • ENTRYMAX is the maximum number of entries kept in the record file.
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