Your Quiver is a location in your knapsack where you store your projectiles. To set your quiver items just press shift +  q, then specify the letter of your desired thrown or launched weapon or item. Quivering an item (or suitable stack of items) is considered a free action - it will not use up any of your movement turn. This allows you to switch quivered items without penalty, to make the most of any bonuses that the quivered item may have, for example, switching to blessed arrows to fight demons for the bonus damage.

Any object in your quiver can be fired with the f command, followed by a direction. This is in contrast to the t throw command, where an item letter must be specified.

Quiver is traditionally associated with archery, and the command certainly simplifies the firing of projectiles. However any item can be quivered- good alternatives could include tripe rations for feeding or taming pets, potions, cockatrice eggs or any rocks or glass in your inventory.

Be wary of firing food to a pet that is eating, as your pet is so intent on devouring the food that the item thrown may hit them, angering them and possibly turning them from tame to peaceful, possibly even to hostile.

Turning off the warning Edit

The warning "Note: Please use #quit if you wish to exit the game", displayed when using the 'Q' command, can be disabled by setting the suppress_alert option to '3.4.3', or any version number equal to or above 3.3.0.[1]


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