A quest artifact is a special artifact that you retrieve from your role's quest nemesis. You need not even pick up your quest artifact to ascend, but you must somehow defeat your nemesis for the Bell of Opening, so you might as well pick it up.

Each quest artifact has a default alignment; your own quest artifact will be adjusted to your alignment. You can only pick up a quest artifact that you share a role and/or alignment with. You cannot wish for your own role's quest artifact. Also, don't wish for a cross-aligned quest artifact unless you intend to convert yourself.

Finally, each quest artifact has a few special effects. For example, The Orb of Fate not only invokes for a levelport, but it also halves any physical damage you receive. Since The Orb of Fate is also a crystal ball, you can also apply it to get the normal crystal ball search-for-a-glyph effect. See the entry for a particular artifact to find out all of its effects.

Role Quest artifact Base item type Alignment Invoke effect
Archeologist The Orb of Detection crystal ball Lawful Toggles invisibility
Barbarian The Heart of Ahriman luckstone Neutral Toggles levitation
Caveman The Sceptre of Might mace Lawful Toggles conflict
Healer The Staff of Aesculapius quarterstaff Neutral Heal half HP damage, cures sickness; blindness; sliming
Knight The Magic Mirror of Merlin mirror Lawful Nothing
Monk The Eyes of the Overworld pair of lenses Neutral Enlightenment
Priest The Mitre of Holiness helm of brilliance Lawful Restores approximately half your lost power[1]
Ranger The Longbow of Diana bow Chaotic Creates a small amount of arrows
Rogue The Master Key of Thievery skeleton key Chaotic Untrap doors and containers without fail
Samurai The Tsurugi of Muramasa tsurugi Lawful Nothing
Tourist The Platinum Yendorian Express Card credit card Neutral Charges an item
Valkyrie The Orb of Fate crystal ball Neutral Levelport
Wizard The Eye of the Aethiopica amulet of ESP Neutral Branchport


Role Quest artifact Base item type Alignment Invoke effect
Flame Mage The Candle of Eternal Flame magic candle Neutral Summon a fire elemental
Ice Mage The Storm Whistle magic whistle Lawful Summon a water elemental
Necromancer The Great Dagger of Glaurgnaa great dagger Chaotic Energy boost
Undead Slayer The Stake of Van Helsing wooden stake Lawful Nothing
Yeoman The Crown of Saint Edward helm of telepathy Lawful Nothing

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