! Pink potion.png
Name sickness
Appearance random
Cost 50 zm
Weight 20

The potion of sickness is biologically contaminated fruit juice.

Quaffing effects[]

If you are a Healer then you are not subject to the following effects:

Case Effect
blessed You lose one hit point.
uncursed You lose up to ten hit points, and one of your statistics is randomly reduced.
cursed You lose up to fifteen hit points, and one of your statistics is randomly reduced.

Additionally if you are hallucinating then you are shocked to your senses.


Message Reason
"Yecch! This stuff tastes like poison." You always receive this message.
"But in fact it was mildly stale [fruit; default is slime mold] juice.)" The potion was blessed.
"(But in fact it was biologically contaminated [fruit; default is slime mold] juice.)" The potion was not blessed, but you have poison resistance, so you only lost one point from one of your statistics.
"Fortunately, you have been immunized." You are a Healer, so you suffer no ill-effects (hallucination is still cured).
"You are shocked back to your senses!" You were hallucinating, and were cured by the potion.
"You feel weaker." Your strength was lowered.
"Your muscles won't obey you." Your dexterity was lowered.
"You feel very sick." Your constitution was lowered.
"Your brain is on fire." Your intelligence was lowered.
"Your judgement is impaired." Your wisdom was lowered.
"You break out in hives." Your charisma was lowered.


Potions of sickness can be identified by #dipping a unicorn horn into them, which turns them into fruit juice. Zapping with a wand/spell of cancellation also converts to fruit juice.

However, if neither of those are available, dipping a missile weapon into a potion of sickness should form a coating on it.


You can #dip darts, arrows, shurikens and crossbow bolts into potion of sickness to coat the projectile weapon in poison. Poisoned weapons do d6 extra damage and have a 10% chance of instant kill for non-resistant monsters. However, the poison wears off 1/10 of the time. Unfortunately, in vanilla NetHack, this does not work on daggers, although it does in SLASH'EM.